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Real Food, Zero Waste

Life is better, at the Farm.

When you live on a farm there are little things that are sure taken for granted.  

There is no food waste on the farm.  

Dogs & Cats get meat scraps.

Chickens & Pigs get veggie scraps.

Anything inedible is composted.

That's just how we roll.  

It's how we do it for our family.

When we cook for you, it's how we do it for your family too!

We are very intentional with packaging too.  Almost everything is reusable and everything is recyclable.  

Your non-food-contact items are gladly refilled---bags/boxes.  

Bring your egg cartons to refill and save 50c!

As far as ingredients--if I wouldn't give it to my kids, I won't give it to you.

No hydrogenated oils.

No High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Rarely added salt---and if so it's Sea Salt.

No food dyes (except the occasional sprinkle, but I'm working on those too:)

Real butter---NEVER margarine.

Unbleached flours.


Always feel free to ask about hows and whys:)  

If we can, we will accommodate allergies and preferences---let's discuss!