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St. Patrick's Edition, Great Week Bundle - Single Size

With a last name like Gorsky you've got to be Polish?

Husband, yes.  Me, no.  

I am second generation Irish-American on one side, and tird on the other.


I was lucky enough to grow up around the corner from Grandma Joan, and went to college a FIVE minute walk from my dorm room to Mom Peg's kitchen table...I'd call that excellent planning on my part, but Ma Peg was pretty much in charge of everything in the 242nd/Manhattan College neighborhood.  She single handedly kept the riff-raff out, made sure seniors had what they needed, and that the chancellor was handed my application for admission...and likely given...a look.  

The "Fear of God" had nothing on the "fear of peggy"....stray cats lined up and walked orderly.  

While I was fotunate to spend countless hours with both grandmothers, they are since passed.  (Don't you think for a moment Mom Peg isn't still overseeing things....she likely gave St Peter the look:)


With a reduced March schedule, and the celebration of Irish Heritage abounding in March, I thought we should pay homage to the Grandmas.


Bundles are ONLY March 2 & March 9!  (I'm out for knee surgerly likely the rest of the month...as I'm apparently no longer a spring chicken.)


Choose Four Options, plus dessert!


Shepard's Pie (GF) - Classic Slow simmered mixture of ground beef and tender veggies topped with our red skin mashed potatoes for the perfect soul warming meal.


Mom Peg's Slop/Irish Goulash - "Here eat this slop" she'd say.  We did as we were told and never knew it was actually her version of goulash...as it turns out, "slop" is not on the menu at the Riverdale Diner,


Grandma Joan's Pot Roast (GF) -  This woman fed me most of my childhood, but the one thing that sticks out in my memory is her melt in your mouth pot roast from the pressha cooka.  This will also come with peas & carrots (her signature) and mashed potatoes.


Mom Peg Chicken (GF) - Truth be told circa 2006 she told me this isnt' her recipe, but did not offer the actual one, but it was close enough and the name has stuck:)  Oven Roasted BBQ Chicken Thighs.


Goldfish Tenders - Irish, no.  However, almost every lunch out with Mom Peg involved her ordering Chicken Tenders, and my entire house would eat them daily, so they're making the cut:)


Irish Soda Bread - The first time I learned to do as she does, not what she says.  What she said was how she told other people, what she did was...well, what she did.  It's not one of these fancy American recipes with caraway and 17 ingredients...it was poverty, the raisins were a luxury.  This will come with Breakstone's whipped butter.  That was the only one on her table with the Soda Bread and I still believe it's the best combo. 

(Two loaves of bread and one pint of butter.)


Aunt Mary, Mom Peg's only daughter, is a master baker!  She shared with me her recipe for 

Bailey's Irish Soda Bread and well, I've had customer's tell me I could run my business completely on this:)  It's a complicated process, so you don't see it often, but we'll bust it out for this fun month! (Loaf)


Soup & Biscuits (2 quarts of soup & 4 buttermilk biscuits)

-Corned Beef & Cabbage Soup (GF)

-Guiness Beer Cheese Soup

-French Onion Soup (GF)

-Loaded Potato Soup


Pizza Kit - Not Irish, but it was the Bronx, we like Pizza:)

-Two Fresh Pizza Doughs








Bacon & Eggs

-Two Dozen Gorsky's Farm Eggs

-One Pound of Nitrate Free Bacon



-Aunt Mary's Oatmeal Scotchies

-Chocolate Chip Cookies

-State Fair Lemonade Cookies

-Energy Bites (GF)



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