84 Turner Rd, Stillwater, NY 12170, USA

(518) 584-8696

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Our farm is nestled between Saratoga Lake and the National Battlefield.  Just 10 minutes to Malta, Saratoga or Wilton, and a beautiful drive from anywhere.  

Things to know! 

  • We are a super diverse family farm with a small dairy, chickens, pigs, beef cows, rabbits, turkeys, sheep, goats.....cats, dogs, kids:)  

  • We raise all of the feed for our animals.

  • We make hay for us and customers in small squares, big squares and round bales.

  • We also harvest and process firewood for our own homes and customers.

  • We're like Little House on the Prarie with iPhones and Target.;-)  

  • We are ZERO food waste!  Every scrap has someone who will eat it.  Veggies go to the pigs and chickens, meat to dogs and cats...nothing is thrown out.  

  • We are also 100% real food.  No HFCS, food dyes, hydrogenated oils, or anything that's a little too engineered:)  We use whole foods in all we prepare for you!

  • We are Tree Nut Free.  All peanut butter products are made when nothing else is being made and everything is sanitized before the next foods are made.  

  • Our entire staff for 1000+ acres of crops, the dairy, the market, the hay, and firewood is all family, 5 in total with my father in law and our kiddos.  Three generations work side-by-side daily.   We have a few days of extra help at harvest times, but, it's mostly just us. 

  • We deliver!  Everywhere in this polygon!